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Hair Transplant

Everyone is different. This is especially true when it comes to hairlines. Some are high, some are low. Some peak in the front while others recede near the temples.

Because everyone’s hairline is different, how do you get a hair transplant with a hairline that looks natural for you?

Dr.RK’s Laser Skin Care Centre,Thiruvananthapuram is the most preferred and trusted clinic for Hair Transplant .

At Dr.RK’s Laser Skin Care Centre,Thiruvananthapuram ,the best hair loss restoration surgeons have acquired skills and artistry that allow them to take many factors into consideration when designing a pleasing hairline.
Age, ethnicity, the size of your head and forehead are just some of the many important factors to getting the best hair transplant hairline. For example, someone who is older will have a higher hairline than when they were younger. Placing the hairline low on someone who is, say, 50 wont look natural. But that same hairline might look perfectly natural on someone who is 25. Hair density and the angle that the follicles are at as they exit the scalp are other factors to consider in getting the best hair transplant hairline.

Another important factor for achieving a natural hairline is to place follicular units with one or two hairs in the front then gradually increasing the number of hairs in each follicular unit as the hair moves away from the hairline. Your hair restoration surgeon will spend time with you discussing your particular hairline and will take the time to make sure your hairline will be natural and pleasing.
The angle at which each hair enters the scalp skin varies according to the site of the scalp. A knowledge of this angulation is vital for planting the hair in a natural looking way and this avoids transplanted hair of standing out..

Temple reconstruction requires knowledge and expertise. Fine, thin, less pigmented hair could be used to give best aesthetic appearance. At Dr.RK’s Laser Skin Care Centre,Thiruvananthapuram,we try to give maximum density in every individual. In normal scalp, there are 80-100 grafts/cm2. With best expertise of our hair transplant surgeons, we can provide up to 45-65 grafts/cm2 which is the highest possible in experienced hands.
As hairline is important, artistic plantation of grafts on the crown is vital for good coverage and natural results. The hair in the crown area enter scalp in varying directions giving a whorl like pattern. We need to maintain that pattern by planting the hair in the angle and direction similar to the existing hair.
The final and most important aspect of achieving the best hair transplant and a natural hairline is dependent on the artistry of the hair restoration surgeon.

Dr.RK’s Laser Skin Care Centre is committed to helping men and women take charge of their appearance and self-esteem through hair restoration options. Our Hair Transplant surgeons, have been at the forefront of the hair transplantation industry, and has performed more than 150 successful hair transplant procedures.

1. Post surgery scar Linear Tiny punctuate
2. Stictches Yes No
3. Post surgery pain Less Very Less
4. Restriction of neck bending after surgery Yes, for 2 weeks No
5. Restriction of heavy physical activity Yes, for 2 weeks No
6. Donor site healing 3-4 weeks 1 week
7. Having buzz cut after surgery Not possible Possible
8. Bleeding during surgery Less Very less
9. Natural results Yes Yes
10. Out of body time of harvest grafts 2 to 5 hours 3 to 5 hours
11. Proportion of surgery time during which doctor operates 30-40% 50 to 60%
12. Storage solution Needed Needed
13. Resumption of normal activities Next day itself Next day itself
14. Chances of mechanical damage, graft dessication Less Less


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Dr.RK’s Laser Skin Care Centre is one of the leading clinics for Hair Transplantation in the capital city of Kerala ,Trivandrum. It offers hair loss and hair transplant treatment for both men and women. The clinic offers treatment by some of the most experienced hair transplant surgeons/doctors in Trivandrum. For additional information about Hair Transplantation cost, kindly contact our office in Trivandrum today.

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